Following the success of our stop-frame animation films for wagamama’s take-out and delivery services, Loco won the pitch to make a series of films promoting the chain’s Heathrow airport location on the new, enormous digital screen at Terminal 5. Our breakfast, lunch and dinner themed films will be displayed to coincide with the time of day, appealing to the different appetites of busy travellers.

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wagamama’s Global Brand director Simon Cope explains, Our screens at Heathrow presented a unique creative and technical challenge. It was difficult to conceptualise how best to portray our fresh and delicious meals on such a vast scale. We partnered with Loco for their specialist knowledge and commitment to research and development to take our project from concept to delivery.

The extreme widescreen ratio (21:2) was a perfect vehicle to show the whole process from food preparation to enjoyment of a series of wagamama meals, in a continuous live action sequence. Loco worked closely with wagamama’s marketing team and restaurant managers to organise a two-camera, 4k-resolution shoot at their central London flagship branch.

The massive scale of the OOH screen can be truly unforgiving, so our creative director Danny Coster and editor Aidan Taub visited the Cambridgeshire workshops of Mood Media, the digital signage designers, to test files for creative and technical delivery.

Back at our own studio, Loco’s postproduction team made use of eye-catching framing, slow-motion elements, split screen presentation, clever compositing techniques and a vibrant colour grade to tell the story. Our finished films for wagamama combine mouth-watering footage with extraordinary digital signage technology, bringing them together in fresh, delicious harmony

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Director: Loco-create
Exec Prod: Danny Coster
Cameras: Cliff Evans, Jamie Knights
Home Economist: Lisa Harrison
Production team: Rob Toay, Saša McCartney, Adam Ward, Emily Ledger, Liam Hawe
Editor: Aidan Taub
Colour Grade: Jon Davey
Digital Signage: Mood Media
Music: ‘Honey I Wanna Have Fun’ by Chris Barker at felt music

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