Lee Bamsey and Steve Gurr first created Wincent Wespa and his world for their music video, “The Adventures of Wincent Wespa”.

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Winning popularity via YouTube and his very own Facebook page, Wincent attracted the attention of the band Daystar and their management who approached the directing duo to make a video in the same style and starring Wincent for their track, “Sleeper”.

With such detailed CG required for the video, Lee and Steve invested a lot of time in pre-production: including scripting, drawing scamps, storyboards, as well as creating animatics and other tests to be sure that the narrative was fully locked before the final build and animation in Cinema 4D and After Effects. They designed the busy urban environment to look like life-sized children’s drawings pasted into a hand-made diorama. Other recurring themes include those pesky pooping pigeons who try to thwart Wincent’s romantic pursuits. The psychedelic middle-eight of Wincent’s premiere video was a special favourite, so Steve and Lee created an even more impressive version for this section of the Daystar video.

Lee and Steve’s charming video is featured in Promo News. “Sleeper” is also available on YouTube. For more information about the band, visit their website.


Title: Sleeper
Artist: Daystar
Publisher: Stone Soup Arts
Directors/Editors: Lee Bamsey & Steve Gurr
3D Animation: Steve Gurr

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