Incorporating live footage and clever animation, Miland directed and animated with Alex Hare, the intro for the BUG Röyksopp Special.

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Held at the BFI Southbank on 11 February 2011, the show celebrated the release of the band’s Senior album, the all-instrumental counterpart to Junior, the critically-acclaimed album of 2009. Adam Buxton presented the special programme of Röyksopp music videos, tour visuals and rarities, accompanied by special guests including the band.

BUG is the bi-monthly music video night hosted by Adam Buxton at BFI Southbank. Miland is a founding member of the BUG team, formed in 2007 with the aim of giving big-screen exposure to the most awe-inspiring new work in music videos. Top directors are invited to discuss their work and each show also includes Adam’s presentation of the most entertaining comments from the online community about one or more of the featured videos. In addition to BUG’s bi-monthly residency at the BFI, Adam tours with special Best of BUG events at festivals and Venues around the UK and the rest of the world including the Edinburgh Fringe, Latitude, the Sydney Festival and even a show in LA.


  • Client: BUG
  • Director/ Animator: Miland Suman
  • Animator: Alex Hare
  • Music: Röyksopp
  • Additional Music (written & performed): Adam Buxton

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