Publicis approached Loco to help them visualise their creative idea of car parts such as spark plugs, tires, brake disks and aerials racing to be part of the new Renault Megane Sport.

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Their jostling for pole position drew on influences from the pod-racing scenes in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Loco worked with Storyboards to create a black-and-white shooting board. Then, our 3D/VFX team created detailed models of the new Renault Megane Sport, various car parts and two factory workers. Impressively, the 18-person team of modellers, animators, compositors and editors from Loco and partner company Rumble Studios completed the piece – from conception to final rendered 3D animatic — in just 3 days. Loco even contributed sound design to add to the intensity of the piece. After racing through research, many of the pre-viz ideas and elements were replicated in the final commercial, on air in the UK.


  • Client: Renault
  • Agency: Publicis
  • Product: Renault Megane Sport
  • Title: Parts Race
  • Production Company: Loco

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