Loco’s Dan Coster and Jon Davey gave some Loco Lurve to the The Amourists’ debut music video as they recently completed the online edit for “Rebound Man”.

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Tom Balkwill of Dirty Looks provided a gorgeous colour grade for the promo, balancing the colour spaces from the different camera shoots and giving an overall “look” to the piece. The images shot in studio feel as if they pop from the screen as the grade brings out the sumptuous reds of the singer’s lips, her fingernails, and the decadent rose petals. The location scenes appear enchanted with a hint of nostalgia and beautiful grittiness.

Co-directors Nicole Nodland and Johnny Blueeyes worked with DOP Charlie Herranz to shoot the video on the Canon 5D over a long Bank Holiday weekend in a number of locations – East London’s Studio Private, the streets of West London and the band’s local The Retro Pub (where you will find at least one Amourist on any day of the week). The promo takes inspiration from a range of retro and avant-garde styles – early Madonna, Adam and the Ants, 1960’s London, as well as a hint of the directors’ infatuations with The Smiths. Singer Nato Stark added her own sassy touch. She observed the bouquets of flower blossoms falling apart en route to the shoot which sparked the idea to pose with an eruption of rose petals flowing from her mouth.

The directing duo has well-established careers in photography and styling for musicians, fashion and advertising. Their music video for The Amourists exudes glamour and confidence, and Loco and Dirty Looks were happy to contribute their technical expertise and creative talents to the project.


Title: Rebound Man
Artists: The Amourists
Directors: Nicole Nodland & Johnny Blueeyes
DOP: Charlie Herranz
Stylist: Johnny Blueeyes & Orsolya Szabo
Hair & Make-up: Kirka Verinen
Offline Editor: Pawel Stec
Online Editor: Jon Davey
Post Direction: Dan Coster
Colour Grade: Tom Balkwill

For more information about this video or if you would like to discuss a script or treatment, please email Loco or call us on 0207 304 4403.