Radioman feature film colour grading VFX editing

Loco and Dirty Looks were thrilled to help to bring Radioman, the feature documentary about the famous movie extra and New York City icon to the big screen. Premiering Monday 30 April at Hot Docs, the largest documentary festival, market and conference in North America, Radioman will follow with a European premiere at Krakow International Film Festival May 28- 3 June.

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Radioman is the incredible story of an extraordinary eccentric, a former homeless man whose unparalleled obsession with the movies has taken him from sleeping on the streets to becoming a New York City movie legend with over 100 small parts in films and TV shows. Radioman gets his nickname from the boom box radio he wears around his neck. Viewers may recognise him from appearances in Spiderman 3, The Bourne Supremacy, Little Nicky, or more recently, in episodes of 30 Rock. Interviews with Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Meryl Streep may leave cinemagoers a little bit star-struck, but Radioman counts such celebrities among his friends.

The film includes interviews filmed by the production team and Radioman over the course of four years on locations in New York and LA as well as movie excerpts, stock footage, family photographs, and even shots captured with an iPhone super8-style app. Working closely with the production team, Tom Balkwill of Dirty Looks provided DI services and a Baselight colour grade as well as mastering for cinema. Loco’s team looked after the online editing, title design, credit roller, and visual effects. Look out for the cameo section in the film for an example of our VFX, and of course, to see if you may have spotted Radioman’s big screen moments.


Production Company: Ten Cent Adventures
Director: Mary Kerr
Producer: Paul Fischer
Editor: Gary Forrester
Colourist: Tom Balkwill – Dirty Looks
VFX Supervisor: Dan Coster
VFX Executive Producer: Jen Reznick
Online Editor: Miland Dave Suman
VFX: Lee Bamsey, Jonathan Davey, Edmund Stenson

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