As a precursor to the second series of “Pretty Little Liars,” MTV commissioned a series of promos for the American drama series. The teen thrillers were created by Marlene King based on the popular novels by Sara Shepard. The programmes follow the lives of four estranged friends who are hiding dark secrets including the mystery of what happened the night that the leader of their clique disappeared.

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Quiet Storm filmed the lead actresses on Red and Loco’s Lee Bamsey worked with promo producer Michaela Lowe to VFX composite stock footage and clips from the series onto the shots to look like eerie cinema projections. Flashes of rose blossoms, a rattlesnake, wolf and Venus flytrap highlight the themes of beauty, cunning, danger, and deceit while footage from the show hints at disturbing secrets uncovered in the episodes.

Tom Balkwill completed the colour grade in the Baselight suite as part of Loco’s ongoing joint venture with Dirty Looks.

To find out more about Pretty Little Liars, visit the MTV website.

To visit the Pretty Little Liars site in the USA for other news about the books and the TV series, click here. Loco’s promos even get a  page.


  • Client: MTV

  • Commissioner: David Morrish

  • Promo Producer: Michaela Lowe

  • Edit/ VFX: Lee Bamsey

  • Colour Grade: Tom Balkwill – Dirty Looks

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