Loco’s ongoing collaboration with hot new director Nicole Nodland is a sizzling photo and video shoot with Paz de la Huerta, the actress made famous by Boardwalk Empire and Jim Jarmusch’s “The Limits of Control”. Entitled “Entering the Void”, Nicole’s short film depicts the complex relationship between two lovers who explore intimacy, love, trust and betrayal.

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DOP Will Pugh shot on the Arri Alexa in a Dulwich mansion. Together, Paz and Nicole collaborated on each scene devising scenarios to express the themes of what it means to be in love and in lust.

“Paz was an amazing actress, so open and a total perfectionist. She gave her all to the performance and never tired which I really respected. I was so thrilled to have her total support, trust and commitment”, recalls Nicole Nodland.

Loco’s editors Miland Suman and Ed Stenson were almost psychically in tune with Nicole’s vision for the film. Together, the team created a film of “refined subversion” which freed them from the constraints of a formal narrative. The final piece is at once intimate and enticing. Louis and Henry of We Are Cotton Club created the perfect music to enhance the mood. Tom Balkwill of Dirty Looks masterfully graded the film and brought out the richness of the sexy red tones in Paz de la Huerta’s lips, fingernails and the soles of her Louboutin heels.


  • Title: Entering the Void

  • Client: London Evening Standard

  • Director: Nicole Nodland

  • DOP: Will Pugh

  • Camera Assist: Andreas Claridge

  • Stylist: Nicky Yates

  • Hair Stylist: Craig Taylor

  • Make-up artist: Kenneth Soh

  • Music: We are Cotton Club

  • Models: Paz de la Huerta, Matheus De David

  • First Editor: Miland Suman

  • Second Editor: Ed Stenson

  • Colour Grade: Tom Balkwill- Dirty Looks

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