Loco’s next project for Tropicana Pure Premium was to provide new versions of the original carton commercials and create sponsorship bumpers for the Canadian Breakfast Television show. 

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Tropicana had recently updated their carton packaging, so Loco incorporated this into a new version of the commercial. This gave us an opportunity to refresh the look of our oranges to incorporate some of the advances in CGI lighting and rendering techniques. Canada’s dual language market required a French and English language adaptation of our ad, so we handled the transcreation of this as well.

Alongside this project, Loco also created two 5-second bumpers, one was to serve the dual purpose of a stand-alone bumper as well as an end tag for the commercial. The second bumper was a new creative treatment developed collaboratively with Juniper Park from storyboards provided by the agency to show the carton gulping up oranges like Pac Man.

Juniper Park Producer Anne Marie Martignago, said of the project,

“It was a great experience. I was pleased at how smoothly it all went considering the time change and the distance. The team at Loco was conscientious of all our needs and was always able to meet our clients’ asks.”

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Client: Pepsico Tropicana
Agency: DDB London
Product: Tropicana Pure Premium
Title: Zipper
Production Company: Loco
Director: Loco-Create

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