They say you should never film with children or animals… Well, the fearless Loco production and post teams embarked on an ambitious project to bring to life the latest creative for LV= over-50s life insurance complete with kids, dogs and magically appearing props and wardrobe changes, all in one continuous 60-second camera move.

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Here are some fun-facts from our LV= over-50s “Surround Yourself” stories:
Working closely with agency Hot Cakes Creative, we filmed two 60-second commercials in 10 hours featuring a cast of 13 actors (2 of them children; 1 of them a dog and her understudy) with a crew of 27 people.

The set build required 2 days of pre-fabrication in the workshop and a day to assemble in the studio. We used a Milo Motion Control Rig, the same kind of robotic camera arm that has been used on major motion pictures from the Matrix to Marvel’s Avengers. Our camera was the Arri Alexa kitted out with Cooke S4 prime lenses, a favourite of DoP’s used on everything from 12 Years a Slave to 21 Jump Street.

Once the shoot was in the can (because it’s not as catchy to say backed up to mirrored hard drive storage), our editors and VFX teams set to work to combine selected elements from each of the 15+ full-length, 60-second takes to show our leading man walking through his home with the accessories of his life and even his wardrobe popping onto screen. We did the same again with the 15+ takes performed by our female lead character.

To add to our compilation of behind-the-scenes revelations, we bet you’d never have guessed that our colourist had changed the hero’s PJs from the blue ones he wore on set to the LV= brand-friendly green.

The version of the commercial with the male lead has been broadcast on TV and distributed across the LV= website and social media platforms.

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Client: LV=
Product: Over 50s Life Insurance
Title: Surround Yourself
Agency: Hot Cakes Creative
Production Company: Loco
Director: Loco-Create
Exec Producer: Danny Coster
Producer: Saša McCartney
Production Manager: Matthew Cummins
DOP: Tony Brown
Post Production: Loco
Exec Producer: Danny Coster
Producers: Saša McCartney, Jen Reznick
Editor: Aidan Taub
CG Supervisor: Charles Beglan
CG Artist: Chris Forrester
Colourist: Jon Davey
VFX: Aidan Taub, Jon Davey, Liam Hawe

For more information about this video or if you would like to discuss a script or treatment, please email Loco or call us on +44 20 7304 4403.