Loco’s Jon Davey has recently completed a colour grade and titles for Light Green and Dark Grey, the feature length operatic film by artist/ composer Edwin Burdis. Burdis is known for his works in illustration, sculpture, painting, performance, music and now film. Light Green and Dark Grey is based on retracing the steps of the 1940s artists charged with “Recording Britain”.

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While not a ‘War Artists’ commission, this Arts Council initiative aimed to capture a sense of ‘everyday Britain’ today. Choral groups from around the UK have performed the piece with additional help from organisations such as Arts Council and The Elephant Trust.

The film will tour institutions including: MK Gallery, Milton Keynes; Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA) and Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire.

For more information about Edwin Burdis, visit the Vitrine Gallery website.
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Episode 1 features:
Hunger of the Pine (Sleeplessly Embracing) by Alt-J, directed by Nabil
Yelling in Sleep by Rich Aucoin, directed by Joel Mackenzie
Walking with Elephants by Ten Walls, directed by Nez
Beat the Drum Slowly by Timber Timbre, directed by Chad VanGaalen
Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini, directed by Daniel Wolf

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