Director, Darren Statman created “Going Out” a brand film for Lawler Duffy, the British men’s footwear brand. Shot on a new Olympus OMD E-M5, the project is a hybrid of a look book, print collection, POS, and brand film.

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The film premiered on the Lawler Duffy website.

The ménage à trois storyline takes inspiration from “Jules et Jim”, the French New Wave film directed by François Truffaut. The feel of the piece matches the iconic brand’s ethos of the “raw British creativity of the late 1980s,” punk and New Wave, plus a hint of New York City’s legendary nightclub CBGBs. Loco colourist, Jon Davey worked closely with Darren to enhance the look of the film — desaturating, increasing contrast, adding vignettes and adjusting depth of field to carefully direct the viewer’s gaze at each image and throughout the piece.


Creative Director: Richard Groom
Director/Photography/Production: Darren Statman
Editor: Stephen Dunne
Online Editor/Colourist: Jon Davey
Music: “Disco Lights” by The Tea Street Band

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