The second issue of the Gucci Style app for iPhone and iPad has been released for the Autumn. Loco’s VFX team worked closely with Spun, MERI Media and Great Fridays on the video content for the latest edition of Gucci’s shoppable magazine.

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The autumn collection for Frida Gianini’s picks was shot with the Red camera in Gucci’s Florence studios against green screen. Loco’s VFX team keyed out the models, which gave them the opportunity to experiment with different background settings to place them within the application build. It was an exciting process of innovation and collaboration, striving to top the success of the first edition, which won iPad app of the week.

Loco’s Miland Suman edited additional footage from the Arri Alexa’s nighttime location shoot of models set against the New York City skyline. These clips show off the woman’s collection “The Way She Moves” and the men’s collection “After Hours”. The 20-second edits are able to loop continuously within the app, and users can tap the screen while viewing to reveal the footage of the models as if they were watching undeveloped film negatives. This gives the user a sense of play and interactivity, which is unique to the iPad platform.

This innovative look was developed during one of the colour grading sessions with Tom Balkwill of Dirty Looks and MERI Media’s creative director Remi Paringaux. Initially, Loco and Dirty Looks delivered one “positive” and two alternate “negative” image sequences of each clip to the app developers at Great Fridays. Ultimately, the developers were able to work with the positive image sequences to display this visual effect with coding. This innovation helped reduce the overall file size of the app, which makes it user-friendly for downloading.

To download the Gucci Style App visit the iTunes store. For more examples of Loco’s work on fashion brands, click here.


Creative Director: Remi Paringaux – MERI Media
Producer: Romain Choay – Spun Films
DOP: Kit Fraser
App Development: Phil Salt – Great Fridays
Edit/VFX: Miland Suman – Loco
Colourist: Tom Balkwill – Dirty Looks

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