Fixing Luka is a beautiful stop frame animated film written, animated & directed by Jessica Ashman, produced by Anna Odell with colour grading and online editing provided by Tom Balkwill.

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Rubber ducks lined-up perfectly in a row. A thousand stamps stuck to a bedroom wall. A pyramid of thimbles knocked to the floor. These are just some of Luka’s obsessive routines, a daily performance played-out under the anxious gaze of his sister, Lucy. She thinks Luka needs fixing as every time she disturbs his routine, Luka falls apart. Literally.

One evening – battered by his springs and rejections – Lucy finally loses her patience and runs away. Stumbling in the forest, she discovers a clockwork soldier in a shack. When she manages to fix his head, Lucy thinks she’s found the solution to her problems at home.

Based on Jessica Ashman’s personal experience of growing-up with an autistic brother, Fixing Luka is a tale of hope, determination and acceptance.

Festival Awards include:
Winner Best Film and Best Director at the Van d’Ors- Cannes in a Van, the Film Festival on Four Wheels
Winner Best Animation, Best Visual and Film of the Night at Limelight festival, London

Official selection:
FICBUEU Festival Internacional de Curtametraxes de Bueu 2010 (Pontevedra, Spain)
Bornshorts film festival in Denmark
Edinburgh International Film Festival
Anima Mundi Animation Festival in Brazil

For more information about the film, please visit the Fixing Luka official website.

For more examples of Loco’s colour grading, click here.


Director: Jessica Ashman
Producer: Anna Odell
Colourist: Tom Balkwill

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