Loco’s 3D team created this beautiful animation for Clarks’ Cloudsteppers range of feather-light footwear as part of their SS16 digital campaigns.

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The Clarks marketing team presented us with the outline of their creative idea, and our production and post teams explored the best options for bringing it to life. A live-action, high-speed shoot would certainly be fun, if a bit messy, but our camera angles would be limited. To give us complete creative control, we opted for a full CGI, photo-real particle simulation approach.

This route gave us the ultimate flexibility in controlling what the (virtual) camera sees and allowed us to tweak the variables and re-run the scenario until we got our money-shot. We began with the basic elements of the logo’s overlapping swirl shapes and the rainbow gradients and combined this with the properties of powdered pigments. The end result is a dazzling explosion of colourful dust; you might even say it’s like a magical puff of clouds.

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