Loco’s finishing and VFX team have completed exciting work for director, Richard Bazley’s short live-action film, Centurion Resurrection. Richard Bazley is best known for his work as supervising animator on Iron Giant and on Walt Disney Classics Tarzan, Pocahontas, and Hercules.

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The film depicts a Roman Centurion coming back to life from within a Roman Bath. A golden eagle representing the Spirit of Rome, heralds his return. When the soldier emerges from the site of the ancient spa into the modern-day town of Bath, a busker and passers-by mistake him for a street performer.

Loco’s VFX team did extensive compositing work to fix the production dilemma of not being able to film the centurion in the actual, ancient spa waters. Instead, he was filmed rising from a modern-day thermal pool with a green screen backdrop and this was combined with the clean background plates shot of the actual Roman Spa. Additional VFX cleanup work was necessary to remove the modern-looking fixtures at the spa site.

The golden eagle was actually performed by 2 birds, a male and female, filmed with their handler at a separate location—Forest Falconry. So, Loco’s VFX artists used rotoscoping techniques to cut them out from the rushes. Then, they seamlessly composited the majestic raptors into the scenes of the Roman Spa and skies above the town of Bath.

Jon’s colour grading further enhanced the look and feel of the film and helped to knit together the footage recorded at various locations. He took inspiration from Ancient Rome themed feature films like Gladiator and 300 which emphasise a tri-tone colour scheme and high contrast.

The film has received a great reception, winning praise from film industry legends like Raider’s of the Lost Arc producer, Howard Kazanjian. Centurion Resurrection was sponsored by visit Bath, the official tourism website for Bath and its surrounding areas, and it is featured on their website.

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The film has been named as an Official Selection at various film festivals including The Pennine Film Festival and The St. Albans Film Festival. It has already won awards including Best Music at London Ealing Film Awards and Awards of Excellence for Direction and Film Short at the Accolade Global Film Competition.

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Director: Richard Bazley
DOP/Editor: Gary Young
VFX Director: Danny Coster
Lead VFX Artist: Lee Bamsey
Colourist/Online Editor: Jon Davey
Supervising Editor: Christen Iversen
VFX team: Sasa McCartney, Jon Davey, Uel Hormann, Marc Hutchings, Greg McNeally, Ricardo Musch, Leandro Vazquez, Ben Young
Music: John Koutselinis

For the full list of cast and crew, visit the IMD page for the film.

Awards: Best Music The London Ealing Film Awards

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