Miland Suman, one of Loco’s senior motion graphics artists, drew on the works of iconic graphic designer, Saul Bass, for inspiration for this opening title spot for BUG. Working together with BUG’s Phil Tidy, the co-directed piece evolved from September’s BUG poster advertising the successful music video event held every other month at the BFI Southbank.

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Catchily titled ‘Lonesome Bird Gets Eaten By Mutant Worm Thing’ Miland used After Effects to give his animation a 1960′s screen print look. Set to specially commissioned music from Raoul Brand, the finished piece reflected Saul Bass’ mantra that ‘Design is thinking made visual’.


Client: BUG

Product: BUG 15 Ident

Production Company: Loco

Original Artwork: Paul Greeno

Director: Miland Suman

Director: Phil Tidy

Music: Raoul Brand

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