Loco, working closely with the Horrod and Harris Partnership and ICON:MEI, post produced and delivered an HD 3D mapped building projection event to celebrate the British Winter Olympics team announcement and the official Adidas Kit for the Vancouver games.

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A detailed map of the windows, colonnades and portico was created as a template in order to match animations to the building’s facia.
The projection portrayed Somerset House icing over then shattering as a skeleton slider raced through it. The central projection then featured a compilation of winter sports footage, whilst side panel projections unveiled the new Adidas kit. The expansive scale of the building required 3 separate HD video sources and 7 projectors all linked via a HippotizerHD to allow the multiple layers of media to stream realtime at 1080p and create the fantastic viewer experience.


Client: Adidas & British Winter Olympics

Production Company: Horrod & Harris Partnership

Projection: ICON:MEI

Online: Loco

For more information about this video or if you would like to discuss a script or treatment, please email Loco or call us on +44 20 7304 4403.