Director Lee Bamesy’s charming video for “Again” by Singer Songwriter Tamara Schlesinger depicts the adventures of a paper cutout figure who falls out of a book in Hackney’s Broadway Bookshop.

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He chases Tamara, the book’s new owner, as she strolls through the market, braving crowds, heights, dustmen, and dogs to return to his hardcover home. Tamara and the paper man’s point of view shots were filmed on location in East London by DOP Nathan A Sheppard with life-like 3D animation by Tony Lee.

The track is the lead single from Tamara Schlesinger’s solo album The Procession. You can find out more about Tamara on her web site. The video has been featured in ShotsPromo News, and in the September issue of Televisual Magazine.


Title: Again
Artist: Tamara Schlesinger
Director/Online Editor: Lee Bamsey
Producers: Lee Bamsey & Nathan A Sheppard
DOP: Nathan A Sheppard
Editor: Martin Macdonald
3D Animation: Tony Lee
Compositors: Tony Lee, Lee Bamsey & Samuel Cuneo
Colourist: Anne Boyle
Camera assistant: Riccardo Durante
Data wrangler: Bence Varga
Make up artist: Ellie Worthington
Locations: Broadway Books & Broadway Market

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