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When wagamama decided to introduce new dishes to the menus at their Heathrow and Gatwick airport restaurants, they looked to Loco’s expertise to create a series of content films. Loco’s first set of wagamama films launched last summer on the enormous 21m x 2m screen in Heathrow T5 resulting in increased awareness of their breakfast offerings and more footfall throughout the day to their airport restaurant. So, it’s more than a clever pun to say that our work has been a huge success.

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wagamama’s airport screens are much more than pictographic menus for their restaurants. They are an opportunity to express the brand’s values and make an emotional connection with travelers in the busy concourses. In the pre-production stage of the project, our creative team came up with a way to tell the stories of fresh ingredients transforming into delicious wagamama dishes, reiterating the theme of our original films, “from preparation to enjoyment”.

For the filming, we reunited our original production dream team and tasked ourselves with an ambitious shooting schedule. Besting our previous record of filming nine dishes over two days, we filmed seven dishes in a single day. For maximum efficiency, we organised two simultaneous Arri Amira 4k table-top shoots in wagamama’s central London flagship restaurant. But, to tell the story of the 9 dishes, we needed to capture 4 different set ups: ingredients, preparation, cooking and the completed dish.

Loco’s postproduction roots always remind us to think of the final deliverables even in the pre-production stages, so we storyboarded and planned our shooting schedule to allow framing set-ups to create films for Heathrow airport’s ultra-widescreen display, the Gatwick airport lounge portrait screen and the skinny, vertical split screens of the Gatwick restaurant’s exterior.

For the finishing stages, our editor/VFX artist Aidan Taub compiled and composited the most delicious looking footage combined with on-screen graphics. Then, our colourist, Jon Davey set to work on another mouth-watering grade.

Our latest run of wagamama films are already welcoming happy travelers to try tasty new dishes. Next time your tummy is rumbling in an airport lounge, follow the digital signage to the wagamama restaurant near you.

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Director: Loco-create & Carl Prechezer (Annex)
Exec Prod: Danny Coster
Producer: Saša McCartney
1st Unit DOP: Cliff Evans
2nd Unit DOP: Dan Russell
Home Economist: Richard Harris
Home Economist Asst: Hetty Scrope
Production team: David Poole, Rob Toay, Emily Ledger, Liam Hawe, George Simpson, Jack Adams
Editor: Aidan Taub
Colourist: Jon Davey
Heathrow Digital Signage: Mood Media
Music for BTS: Life’s Beat by Patrick Jordan Patrikios at Felt Music

For more information about this video or if you would like to discuss a script or treatment, please email Loco or call us on 0207 304 4403.