UK Music Video Awards 2012

Client: UK MVA
Post Production Team: Jon Davey, Arlene Dignam, Jen Reznick, Sasa McCartney
Branding: Chris Thomson
Stage Design: Reality Awards
Event Director: Louise Stevens – Ballistic Events
Montage Music: Paul White “A New Way”

Loco is proud to have been the post-production partner for the UKMVAs since its inception in 2008. Featuring 34 categories, the MVAs is the premier awards show dedicated to innovation and creativity in music video, the medium that has become the audio-visual entertainment of choice for the YouTube/social media generation. Adam Buxton, comedian, broadcaster and regular presenter of BUG: the Evolution of the Music Video, hosted the awards show at the Empire Leicester Square Cinema.

Loco’s Jon Davey and Arlene Dignam collaborated with Natalia Maus and Louise Stevens of Ballistic Events to manage the large influx of video content, which Jon edited into the category packages that were projected on the big screen. He also worked closely with David Knight of Promo News/ MVAs to create the montage of clips from the nominees’ videos and to recreate the animated MVA logo in HD. Miland Suman and Chris Thomson created the show’s opening and closing videos featuring this year’s branding theme of fire and flamethrowers as captured in an exciting shoot at the Machine Shop.

Creative director, Danny Coster once again presented the award for the Loco sponsored Best New Director category, and the winner this year was AG Rojas. David Knight was surprised to find himself the winner of this year’s Outstanding Contribution Award, presented by director Tim Pope. As ever, a good time was had by all, and the celebrations continued into the wee hours at the after party venue, Café de Paris.

For more about the MVAs including the list of winners, visit the MVA website and promo news for video clips and more. To check out previous UK MVA intro videos, click here. To find out more about our post-production work for other events, click here.