Loco’s Sophie Barker music video previewed on BBC Breakfast

Loco’s Lee Bamsey is continuing post production on the Sophie Barker “Say Goodbye” music video which he directed based on Arlene Dignam’s initial concept for the track. Tom Balkwill is also working on the master colour grade, but a special sneak preview went live on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday 4 October. Sophie Barker joined the BBC’s Sian and Chris on the BBC Breakfast sofa and you can watch the interview and music video excerpt on the iplayer. (The music video clip and interview start around 11 minutes into the show). To see some behind the scenes photos of Loco’s music video shoot, read our earlier post about the “Say Goodbye” music video production written, directed and filmed by Loco’s talented team.

You can find out more about Sophie Barker on her official website.