Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

Title: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors
Band: Notorious Hi-Fi Killers
Director/Editor/VFX: Miland Suman
Concept: Miland Suman, Richard Thomas & Tony Mountford
DOP: Genki McClure
Space Images: NASA Hubble Space Telescope

After his video for “More Again Now”, an earlier track by Notorious Hi-Fi Killers, Miland was asked to collaborate with the band once again. Working with bassist Tony Mountford and animator Richard Thomas, they developed the video for “Behind the Smoke and Mirrors”. The psychedelic nature of the band as well as the images from the Hubble space telescope were their inspirations for the look of the piece. The video itself is about the cosmos with the live action objects rotating in front of the band to symbolise the cyclical nature of all things. Miland describes the creative collaboration as holistic and their ideas evolved throughout the process of completing the video.